5 Best Phone Apps To Use When You're Traveling In Puerto Rico


Traveling is always fun and exciting, especially with Condado Puerto Rico hotels. However, everyone could use a little help and guidance when taking their vacation, especially in an unfamiliar location. Here are some fun and easy to use apps to make your trip as enjoyable as possible.

When traveling to another country, or simply an area where the dominant language is not your own, having a basic understanding of the language is always a good idea. Duolingo makes learning and touching up on the basics easy and fun, with game-based learning and colorful graphics. The app is free, its main focus on the act of learning. When you're staying in the best hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico, you'll want to be sure you understand the language.

Being lost in an unfamiliar city is no fun for anyone; with Citymapper, you can see the layout of the city, as well as transport options and flights. You'll never have to worry about being late or getting lost again, or struggling with other map services and apps. The service is available in more than 30 major cities around the world.

Citywiz Puerto Rico
Wondering what to do or where to go? Citywiz helps you discover Puerto Rico. Eco Adventure, Food, Culture and Events. It keeps track of your current location to bring you the most relevant information and save you the most time when deciding where to go and what to do. When you're staying in a luxury hotel in Puerto Rico, you'll want nothing more than to fill your time with beauty, culture, and excitement. Discover and connect to everything local in Puerto Rico.


If you commonly have trouble with maps and directions, or just prefer a simpler, more straightforward approach to travel, Walc is the app for you. Walc provides easy to follow, landmark-based instructions for nearby destinations, giving you the freedom and accessibility to go where you want, when you want.

Mezi is your personal travel guide, helping you find lodging, shopping, and food anywhere near you. It compiles shopping lists and can even complete orders; you can buy concert tickets and gifts, or book a flight, all from the same app. Mezi provides convenience and comfort in the palm of your hand, wherever you choose to travel.

When you're traveling, you should be able to focus on fun, not stress. Next time you're booking a San Juan, Puerto Rico hotel, make sure to check out these apps to make the most of your relaxing vacation.