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When planning a trip to Puerto Rico, there is no “best time” to visit. Puerto Rico’s weather and all-around energy feels like summer every day. Condado Vanderbilt is the paragon of hospitality in San Juan. Known by our unique events and experiences for our guests, this summer, our offering has gotten even better with activities full of innovation to enhance your summer palate.  

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Pet-Friendly Hotel: Perks For Your Dog

Traveling with your dog is an option more and more frequent nowadays thanks to the many pet-friendly places available for you and your four-legged friend. We know the great peace of mind you feel of knowing you can bring your dog with you on vacation.

The Condado Vanderbilt is one of the many pet-friendly hotels in Puerto Rico, here, your favorite travel pawrtner is welcome and we can even help you plan some fun-filled activities and services for your dog.


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