Summer Vacation in Puerto Rico

Nothing like feeling the warmth of the Caribbean sun during your vacation in Puerto Rico. The heat might be doing its magic, but the ocean breeze feeling is worth it! During your next summer vacation in Puerto Rico, you will want to stay at The Condado Vanderbilt, known for its prime location and unparalleled services.


Global Wellness Day

A shared goal of almost the entire world is to live a healthier and better life. This special desire is honored with a special day, Global Wellness Day. Celebrating 10 years of success on June 11, 2022, with the slogan “one day can change your whole life”. Global Wellness Day is a non-profit social project dedicated to living-well, and to direct our thoughts towards living a healthier life and raise awareness.


Lavish Experiences in a Tropical Setting

Puerto Rico’s weather and all-around energy feels like summer every day. Condado Vanderbilt is the paragon of hospitality in San Juan. Known by our unique events and experiences for our guests, this summer, our offering has gotten even better with activities full of innovation to enhance your summer palate.   


Noche de San Juan Celebration

Traditions in Puerto Rico are part of our every day, but on June 23rd there is a special feeling in the air when we commemorate Noche and Día de San Juan! Like every tradition, it has a symbolic meaning behind the birth of Saint John, the Baptist; our capital city San Juan is named after him. Fun fact, the whole Island was originally named San Juan Bautista, in his honor.


May Events in Full Bloom

The Condado Vanderbilt events and entertainment for May are in full bloom for the whole family! From our signature fine-dining experiences to national celebrations, there is something to celebrate every weekend of the month and beyond.