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Relaxing San Juan Massages

Vanderbilt Signature Massage

$150 (50 minutes)
$220 (80 minutes)


Couples Vanderbilt Signature Massage

$300 (50 minutes)

Bamboo Heritage Massage

$160 (50 minutes)
$225 (80 minutes)


Out of Body Experiences

Far from your typical spa treatment, working with the body on subtle levels producing profound results and well-being through energy work. These treatments are beyond traditional but yield energetic results.

Reflex And Relaxology | Cranial Sacral Therapy | Reiki Experience | Shiatsu Therapy

$150 (50 minutes)

The Hammam

Unique to The Spa at Condado Vanderbilt: The Hammam Ritual
This unprecedented experience weaves ancient purification rituals with modern techniques to capture a moment in time, a connection with our inner selves, while enveloping you in a sense of mystery.


$185 (50 minutes)
$285 (80 minutes)


For Two

$570 (80 minutes)

Hammam Experiences For Groups


Timeless Beauty


Our Skin Care experts will guide you to select the best facial treatments for you. Honoring nature, the environment and cruelty free practices, The Spa at Condado Vanderbilt is proud to offer exquisite skin care with high yielding results.

The Vanderbilt Signature Facial

$225 (80 minutes)

Customized Facial

$170 (50 minutes)

The Power of Light Facial

$180 (50 minutes)

Body Treatments

These treatments, with generous scents and rich essential oil blends, are used to create a complete wellness experience.


$155 (50 minutes)

Algae Wrap

$220 (80 minutes)

Mud Wrap

$220 (80 minutes)

After Sun Remedy Wrap

$155 (50 minutes)

Time for Two

Offered at the Oasis Spa Suite, these packages include Hydro-sensorial Therapy, a unique experience that combines steam, color light therapy, sounds, aromas and distinct shower selections to evoke different cleansing rituals attuned with the wonders of nature. Celebrate having shared any of these relaxing packages with Champagne and truffles at the Spa Terrace.

The Vanderbilt Experience

$730 (120 minutes)

The Pleasure of Your Company

$530 (80 minutes)

The Vanderbilt Gentlemen

Treatments, with specially formulated products and therapies specifically crafted for the unique needs of gentlemen’s grooming, create a complete experience for men only.

Gentlemen’s VIP Face Treatment

$225 (80 minutes)

Gentlemen’s Massage

$150 (50 minutes)
$220 (80 minutes)


Gentlemen’s Manicure

$40 (25 minutes)

Gentlemen’s Pedicure

$65 (50 minutes)

The Vanderbilt Nail Care Experience -- Slow-Paced Beauty for A Fast-Paced World

Unique to the Vanderbilt Nail Care Experience is your selection of which Four States of Slow Beauty to savor, each with its unique aromas, textures, and techniques.

Signature Manicure

$65 (50 minutes)

Signature Pedicure

$80 (80 minutes)

Mindful Manicure

$40 (25 minutes)

Mindful Pedicure

$65 (50 minutes)

Perfectly Smoothing Hand or Foot Therapy with Paraffin

$25 (15 minutes)