Packing Guide | Condado Vanderbilt in San Juan, Puerto Rico
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Condado Vanderbilt

Having an amazing vacation in Puerto Rico certainly has a lot to do with the activities you choose to do there. But equally important is coming to Condado Vanderbilt prepared for all the fun opportunities that the Caribbean has to offer: whether it be beach lounging, dinners out in San Juan, nature walks, or experiencing Puerto Rican culture elsewhere on the island. Follow this packing guide to make sure you pack your suitcases with everything you need to make the most of your stay at our luxury hotel in Puerto Rico.

Bringing the right clothes for every occasion can make the difference between having a good vacation and having a great one. When staying at Condado Vanderbilt, you’ll want to bring a few nice outfits to wear out to dinner at one of our upscale restaurants or for an evening spent sipping cocktails at one of the lounges. Slacks and button-down shirts for men and evening dresses for women are recommended.
Another benefit to staying at Condado Vanderbilt is the easy access to our own private beach, which means you’ll want to pack a swimsuit, a cover-up or dress, and sandals for enjoying the surf and sand. You’ll also be within an hour drive of Puerto Rico’s best hiking opportunities in El Yunque National Forest, so pack a pair of warm-weather hiking pants or shorts, an activewear top, and sturdy sandals or running shoes if you want to explore the island’s tropical rainforest.

Being sure to pack the right accessories for a Caribbean vacation will save you some worry down the road. When experiencing the lovely cuisine at Condado Vanderbilt’s restaurants and lounges, women will want to have the right jewelry and handbag to complete your outfit. Men may also choose to wear a tie when dining out, so bring a few options to choose from.
Beach days and nature walks will require sunhats, sunglasses and a beach tote bag or a small backpack. This way you’ll be protected from the sun, and you’ll be able to bring all the necessities for a day out at the beach or on the trail (like water, sunscreen, and a camera). For spending time shopping or exploring in downtown San Juan or other neighborhoods around the city, you’ll want to bring a good handbag or possibly a small backpack as well.

Important for any vacation, toiletries are a must. In addition to the regular items, when enjoying your stay at your luxury hotel in Puerto Rico, you’ll want to bring along a few options for sunscreen, makeup, and perfume or cologne for a night out on the town.