Condado Vanderbilt Resort

Close your eyes... Now imagine standing on one of the Caribbean's most beautiful beaches, while watching the most breathtakingly, vibrant sunset you have ever witnessed. Now open your eyes, and turn that inspiring vision into a reality by experiencing the magnificent sights that Puerto Rico has to offer. Awe-inspiring landscapes and brilliantly-detailed architecture combine to create a postcard-perfect destination for your next dream vacation:

Stunning Condado Beach Views

From sunrise to sunset, the white sandy beaches of San Juan will be the perfect backdrop to enjoy a combination of relaxation and excitement. Experience vibrant hues of blue from your private cabana as you take in the sweeping views of the Atlantic Ocean from the Condado Beachfront. For those of you who prefer a more active day on the water, enjoy a snorkeling excursion where you can experience the area’s colorful marine life and beauty.

Architecture of Old San Juan

Travel back in time and experience Old San Juan’s old world charm and architecture. Today’s urban landscape represents four centuries of development and craftsmanship that blend Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque style architecture. The fuse of styles create a unique and dramatic feeling that can be seen within the brilliantly-detailed ornamentation, domes, and archways. As you walk down the streets, you’ll notice they are far from lackluster. With the city’s characteristic blue cobblestone streets, to the colorfully-striking Spanish Colonial row houses, this city is beaming with historic personality.

waterfall in the rainforest

Lush El Yunque Rainforests

The majestic waterfalls and lush foliage of El Yunque National Forest offer a colorfully, serene contrast from the coastal landscapes of Puerto Rico. Spanning over 28,000 acres of land, El Yunque is the only tropical rainforest in the US National Forest System. It’s truly ecological eye candy where the diverse species of plants, flowers, and wildlife can be seen throughout. This popular natural wonder will provide you with a new biological perspective that begs to be experienced.

Helicopter Tours

Want to experience Puerto Rico from the clouds? Helicopter tours are the perfect way to take in magnificent panoramic views of the island. Enjoy the picturesque coastal views or the lush greenery of the rainforest from up above. Tours are offered daily from San Juan and Condado Vanderbilt’s first class guest services team that will help create an experience of a lifetime.

Seeing is truly believing here in picture-perfect Puerto Rico. Grab your camera and come see for yourself all the magic that Puerto Rico has to offer. Book today!