Rich Experiences at Condado Vanderbilt


Cigar Lounge in Condado 

Since 1919, The Condado Vanderbilt has been providing timeless experiences to all guests. Continuing with this tradition, everyone who enters the opulent lobby VC Lounge, can enjoy rich and unique experiences at this breezy, palatial, yet intimate space, with uninterrupted ocean views included.

The VC Lounge at the Vanderbilt features Veritas Wine and Cognac Bar, Marabar Martini Bar and Lounge, and the exclusive AVO Lounge.


At the elegant AVO Lounge, cigar aficionados can combine their favorite pleasures in one, with our cigar specialty cocktails, and cigar & whiskey pairings. Our guests can delight with the most select variety of high-end brands available for enjoyment. AVO’s selection includes mild, medium, and full-flavored options, from Davidoff and Padron cigars, to Romeo y Julieta vintage series and Habana series, among others.

In an atmosphere of elegance like no other, surrounded by warm wood and leather furnishings, cigar aficionados can choose their pairings and engage in a pairing journey to seek the contrast in flavors, explore new combinations, and just enjoy a relaxing night.


Our experts at the bar recommend you try our Smoky Negroni, one of the Bespoke Cocktails you can find on our cocktail menu, made of Campari, Tanqueray, and Sweet Vermouth. Campari-based drinks are a good complement for a fine cigar, especially as a pre-dinner treat. Apart from the traditional pairing stars like whiskey, or rum, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Open daily from 3:00pm to 10:00pm, whether you are an aficionado or are starting to learn about the world of cigars, you will surely enjoy an evening at AVO Lounge. Visit us today!