Relish a one of a kind Christmas experience in Puerto Rico
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Relish a one of a kind Christmas experience in Puerto Rico

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Spend your Christmas learning first-hand about Puerto Rico’s unique traditions, while you relax at Condado Vanderbilt.


Imagine you wake up on a December morning and it’s 82 degrees, just the right temperature for some water sports, or an afternoon lounging by the pool. You can do all of this at our luxurious hotel at any time of the year, but there is something about Christmas in Puerto Rico that makes it worthwhile.


Local Traditions


Puerto Rico takes its Christmas to heart, and right to the table, with warm and crispy lechon (roasted pork), pasteles (like a tamales cousin), and sweet exquisite coquito (our version of the eggnog). Our signature restaurant, 1919 features distinctive holiday menus by Chef Jose Juan Cuevas. Embrace local traditions and savour delicious dishes without any guilt, since you can book a Zumba, Cycling or Pilates class at our Fitness Center.


Christmas in Puerto Rico is a unique event, known for its Parrandas- a twist on the well-known Christmas caroling where friends and family gather in the evening, sometimes very, very late, to surprise friends at their homes, and then go from one house to the next singing traditional Christmas songs. You can enjoy some of this traditional music live at our VC lounge.


But, don’t think it is only about food and parties, most of these Christmas traditions are heavily influenced by religious factors. the Misa de Aguinaldo is a musical Catholic mass held at dawn for nine consecutive days, ending on the day before Christmas Eve. While the Misa de Gallo is held at midnight on Christmas Eve. Visit the nearby Stella Maris Parish, or the San Juan Cathedral at Old San Juan to experience this beautiful festivity. 


If you will be staying with us during the holidays, be sure to look at our Holiday Activities Calendar and enjoy the many activities we have in store for our guests.


Relax and unwind before the New Year


To prepare for the Christmas and New Year’s celebrations that await, you can unwind at our Spa with some of our Holiday Offerings. After the spa, we recommend some holiday shopping at The Mall of San Juan, with its remarkable array of stores there will surely be something for the whole family to enjoy; you can even bring your kids to visit Santa’s Academy.


Stay for the longest Christmas!


Since Puerto Rico celebrates the longest Christmas, stay until January and experience the Tres Reyes Magos celebrations on January 6th. Typically, children will leave cut grass the night before for the three kings’ camels, and gifts are left for the children the next morning. On this day, you can visit La Fortaleza, the Governor’s mansion in Old San Juan, which is open to the public with activities for the whole family, and enjoy the beautiful lights and decorations on the historic streets.


On this busy season, relaxation is guaranteed at Condado Vanderbilt. Book your escape from the winter, today!