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Hotel Spa Services in San Juan, Puerto Rico
Hammam Ritual at the Condado Vanderbilt Spa in San Juan, PR

Spend your vacation with well-deserved relaxation time. Our suggestion? Treat yourself to luxury spa services in the Vanderbilt Spa at Condado Vanderbilt Hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico. No matter what condition you walk in, we assure you’ll walk out feeling regal, refined, and relaxed. Our skilled therapists will guide you through luxurious treatments with high-end products and miraculous results.

Hotel Spa Services in San Juan, Puerto Rico

The objective in all of our spa services is to engage and tune into your body, reconnecting your senses and clearing away pollutants that build up in your body over time. We present this through our luxury hotel spa services including facials, massages, wraps, nail care, and the special Hammam ritual.

Hammam Ritual Spa Services in Puerto Rico

Being the only luxury hotel in Puerto Rico that provides Hammam, we realize both its exclusivity and importance. The Hammam is essentially an Ancient purification ritual with modern techniques intertwined. Its purpose is to be both a powerful mind and body experience.

About the Hammam

The Hammam ritual begins in a marble room, where you lay on a heated marble table with a Turkish bath towel called a Pestema carefully laid over you.  You’re exfoliated, bathed, and pampered from head to toe. Impurities are rinsed away, moisturizing bubbles are scrubbed into your now supple skin, and subtle sprays of rosewater are misted over you. Even the most tense or run-down bodies will be allowed and guided into a transformation of the body and restoration of the spirit. As the room heats up, the therapist will cool you down with ice cloths placed at the right moment and areas for the ideal experience. You can be certain to be not only comfortable, but also completely tranquil, throughout the entire spa treatment.

The Hammam therapist will then lead you to the last step: a Hydro-sensorial therapy shower with settings for cooling mist, Caribbean storm, summer rain. The experience will transport you to these surroundings, with noises and sensations to match the locations. When the entire ritual comes to an end you’ll be given mint tea, known to balance your senses. We even include a Hammam kit to take home with you, so the experience doesn’t have to end when you leave our luxury hotel in Puerto Rico.  

luxury spa services in Puerto Rico

Other Luxury Spa Services

In addition to our services and ritual, we offer a steam room, to start your elimination of toxins and open your pores as well as your lungs. The moist heat is wonderful for the skin, but for those who prefer a dry setting, we have a sauna as well. Both are ideal first steps in traditional spa treatments. Our spa area is also complete with rainforest showers, as well as a Stillness Lounge, which offers cold beverages and a space to relax in.

Speak with our Spa Concierge today to hear more about our spa offerings and our luxury hotel in Puerto Rico or to inquire about appointments by calling 787-977-6710 or by email at [email protected]. Our spa services and menu can be found on our webpage by clicking here.