woman enjoying puerto rico

Take time to stop and smell the roses’ is not only a figurative phrase that helps you appreciate the little treasures around you, but it’s also a literal phrase here in Puerto Rico. From the fresh sweet scents of the native flowers and plants, to the savory and bold aromas of authentic Puerto Rican cuisine, your sense of smell will appreciate the scented treasures of the island.

coffee beans

Rise off your pillow to the smooth and bold aromas of freshly brewed Puerto Rican coffee at Ola Oceanfront Bistro. If you're the exploring type, venture out and indulge at a local coffee house favorite, Hacienda San Pedro, just a short drive from your luxury hotel in Puerto Rico. This welcoming, high-energy cafe greets you with the sweet, smooth scents of their coffee beans harvested in the mountains of Jayuya, Puerto Rico. Stimulate your mind with the sweet aromas of this deliciously scented java.

white sand beaches

Once your powered up on caffeine for the day, head down to Condado Beach at your luxury hotel in Puerto Rico and breathe in the fresh salty air of the Atlantic Ocean. The strong tropical sun is always accompanied by the sweet scent of coconut scented sun tanning lotion - the signature scent for a classic day in the sand. When you need to cool off, the refreshing pineapple and coconut smells from a classic piña colada served from your personal beach butler at your luxury hotel in Puerto Rico will cool down and delight your beach loving soul.

grilling in puerto rico

The savory smells of smoked meats and vegetables being cooked in big firepits and kiosks near the beach will stimulate your appetite! These big pits, are filled with a variety of meat kabobs, seafood, pastelillos (deep fried meat pies) and other authentic BBQ favorites which envelop you in strong savory aromas unique to Puerto Rican cuisine.

Wind down from a day in the sun with the soothing scents of rich essential oil blends, while enjoying a body treatment from our world class spa. Our luxury hotel in Puerto Rico offers a variety of different spa services using organic botanical scents to evoke a sense calm and balance in your life.

Experts say our sense of smell is closely linked with our memory. Breathe in the sweet, savory, and delicious scents of Puerto Rico and breathe out memories at our luxury hotel in Puerto Rico that will last a lifetime. Experience the smells of Puerto Rico for yourself and book your trip today!