Entertainment District | Condado Vanderbilt in San Juan, Puerto Rico
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Condado Vanderbilt Hotel

One of the primary benefits to staying at the Condado Vanderbilt hotel is its superb location. Right on the beach and in the heart of San Juan, you’ll be within reach of the city’s newest restaurants, shops and entertainment. To help you plan your time at Condado Vanderbilt, we’ve profiled some of the best that the city has to offer.


Experiencing the newest restaurants in San Juan is a must-do for any guest at Condado Vanderbilt. We recommend sampling the creative cuisine at Touro Restaurant, which serves an elaborate five- or eight-course menu of modern dishes with local ingredients. Choose from an incredible selection of tapas, an impressive wine list, and unique cocktails on the botanically-inspired bar menu for an unbeatable meal in San Juan.

For a sophisticated cocktail menu paired with extraordinary cuisine, we recommend trying San Juan’s new hotspot, La Coctelera. This unique cocktail bar is known for its modern atmosphere and, of course, specialty cocktails. The exceptional bartenders at La Coctelera are dedicated to creating craft cocktails with an expert take on bitters, specialty liquors and fresh garnishes.


The Condado district of San Juan is known for the luxury shopping opportunities on Ashford Avenue, often referred to as the Rodeo Drive of Puerto Rico. At the exclusive 1054 Ashford Avenue shopping center you’ll find some of the world’s most elite brands, like Cartier, Gucci and Louis Vuitton, right at your fingertips.

For a shopping experience that you can’t get anywhere else, stop in the recently opened Olivia Boutique, not far from Condado Vanderbilt. Olivia curates women’s fashion from established and up-and-coming designers from around the world and presents them to shoppers in this luxurious boutique.


Nearby Condado Vanderbilt hotel in San Juan’s Miramar district, Puerto Rico’s exciting new entertainment center, District Live, is currently under construction. Planned to open in the spring of 2019, District Live will become Puerto Rico’s largest entertainment center and will host events ranging from conventions, concerts, festivals, award ceremonies and more. District Live will feature a 6,000-seat concert venue, a 105,000-square-foot arena for large scale events, a Cineplex with eight screens, and a 44,000-square-foot plaza with several outdoor stages. This innovative entertainment center will be the island’s premier venue for world-class events and concerts that Condado Vanderbilt guests can enjoy during their stay in San Juan.