Cocktails that Inspire

cocktail glass with decorated flowers

The experience at The Condado Vanderbilt is all about inspiration, from the history within the walls, to the culinary journeys at all our dining venues. The same goes for the creations from our mixologists on each cocktail offered at the Vanderbilt’s restaurants, bars, and lounges. Learn more about the history and mystery behind some of the best cocktails in San Juan.

Tacos & Tequila

The Mexican inspiration has always been present on all the dishes and drinks in Tacos & Tequila. Mexico’s colors and flavors are always present, and with these featured cocktails, the inspiration goes above and beyond.

  • Frida: This tequila-based cocktail is inspired in the life and personality of Frida Kahlo. Just like her life, this cocktail is complex, sour and fresh, and even wears her signature colorful flowers as a symbol of her Mexican heritage. The mix of lemon juice, agave fusion, St. Germain, Felipe II, Tequila añejo, egg whites, and angostura bitters represent the opposite sides of bitterness and sweetness, and the elegance which characterized her and her art as well. Just like these ingredients resulting in a strong drink, the merging of all things that happened in her life resulted in a woman who is now an icon of her beloved México. 
  • Lobo de Guerrero: This smoked tropical cocktail is inspired by one of its main ingredients, Montelobos Mezcal, representing the spirit and pride of the land. In the region of Guerrero, México, the tribes from the zone of Monte Lobo would protect their land and region of Zapoteca de la Mixe. The sour mix denotes the cultural union of the country, and the Mango juice represents Guerrero, which is the top producer of Mango in México. The egg whites and Habanero bitters represent being reborn, courage and protection.

STK Restaurant

The modern steakhouse turned vibe dining lounge take at STK Restaurant is a league on its own. The restaurant is a social experience, with high-energy atmosphere and sleek environment. The same goes for its cocktails design, blending sweetness and sexiness into a whole vibe.

  • Strawberry Cobbler: The mix of Kettle One Vodka, muddled strawberry and graham cracker crust feels like a strawberry shortcake in your mouth sip after sip. The freshness and sweetness of the strawberries, with the sexiness of the restaurant, makes the perfect combination for a great night.
  • Cucumber Stiletto: Talking about sexy, did you bring your stilettos? We did! This cocktail made with Ketel One Citroen, St. Germain, and muddled cucumber & mint is truly the perfect selection for the Puerto Rico weather. Fun, flirty and fresh – just like you!

VC Lounge

The featured cocktails at our breezy and intimate VC Lounge are classics, just like the hotel and walls which surround them, they have all been around, or inspired in the last century and beyond. Try them all, and even enjoy them paired with a cigar at AVO Cigar Lounge.

  • Smoky Negroni: This classic was founded in 1919, just like The Vanderbilt. Made with Campari, Tanqueray, and Sweet Vermouth.
  • Spiced Rum Old Fashioned: Our twist on this other vintage favorite, made with a local favorite, Ron del Barrilito 3 Estrellas.
  • Excelsior: What is old is new again! From our Centennial Cocktails Menu, made with Bombay Gin, Rosemary Gomme Syrup, Crème de Violet, Lemon Juice, Egg White, and Orange Cream Citrate, this is truly a cocktail to uplift the senses. An original creation using techniques and ingredients that were readily available during the golden age of cocktails (1860 - 1920)

Ola Ocean Front Bistro

Our poolside breezy restaurant always guarantees a fun time. It does not get more tropical than cocktails from the Al Fresco Bar and Mojito Bar with the Atlantic Ocean as your backdrop. Everything at Ola Ocean Front is made with the freshest local products, set to be enjoyed in the best environment.

  • Vanderbilt Sling: Made with Ron del Barrilito 2 Estrellas, Cherry Liqueur, Passion Fruit and Honey to delight you and your palate with the blend of tropical flavors.
  • Tamarind Edge Mojito: Our favorite from the Mojito Bar is the Tamarind Edge, with tangy and fruity hints of tamarind and mint. The Mojito Bar also lets you Build your Own so go ahead and get creative!

Join us and try them all! Sit down, relax with friends and get inspired. Cheers!