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Top Things to do In San Juan

While visiting Puerto Rico, sightseeing and adventure are everywhere. From just a couple of miles to little farther away, we recommend you do not miss these during your visit:

History and Culture

Very close by, in the heart of San Juan, our culture and heritage is all around. These very near attractions might just take a day to absorb, but a lifetime to forget.

  • District of Old San Juan: Our historic colonial city, where the Spanish heritage from more than 400 years ago is alive and well today. Be sure to explore the “walled city” from the renowned forts in the north of the city, to the shopping and restaurant filled streets, all the way south to the piers.
  • Luis A Ferré Performing Arts Center: When in town, be sure to ask us about any cultural events happening at what the locals refer to “Centro de Bellas Artes”, as your favorite ballet or opera might just be in town.
  • Bacardí Rum Distillery: Find out why Puerto Rico is the rum capital of the world. This very informative (and tasty) tour will give you a glimpse at a proud tradition, centuries in the making.
  • Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico: Some of the most magnificent collections of works from Puerto Rican masters are found here. Not to miss are its majestic gardens, uniquely landscaped, and a work of art by themselves.

Nature and Adventure

Our island is surrounded by sea, and its center is an imposing system of green mountains. Naturally, you can expect to find some of the most unique natural wonders in the world, as well as the excitement they offer.

  • El Yunque Rainforest: Home to many unique species of flora and fauna, our national rainforest is among the most recognized in the world. Explore its many trails and waterfalls, and even catch a glimpse of the entire eastern coast if you hike to its peak.
  • Rio Camuy Caves: Located in the northwestern part of the island, this subterranean river system is the world’s third largest. You can experience the rich adventure, by walking the trails in and out of the caves, while observing all the interesting rock formations and living species found within.
  • Toro Negro and Toro Verde: These mesmerizing mountain peaks are among the tallest in the island, where adventure awaits in the form of hiking, rapelling, camping, and some of the most adrenaline inducing zip lining in the world.
  • Bioluminescent Bays: There are very few bio luminescent bays in the world, and in Puerto Rico we have three of them. Kayak and swim among the glowing water, and you will be glad you spent your early evening experiencing one of nature’s most fascinating and unusual light shows.
  • Diving or Snorkeling Sites: Our tropical island surroundings are rich in marine wildlife and complex reef ecosystems. Therefore, we recommend a diving excursion to one of many amazing spots across our coasts. For a very satisfying, but less physically demanding experience, snorkeling in our many shallow reefs might be the perfect option.


We are, after all, a tropical island.  So you may expect to find some of the Caribbean’s most relaxing and picture perfect beaches here in Puerto Rico.

  • Condado and Ocean Park Beach: Adjacent to our doors, these are the beaches where San Juan locals come to relax and mingle during the weekends.  Share a cocktail or light snack in good conversation, while catching a perfect tan, just steps away from your room.
  • Luquillo Beach: In the East coast, this beautiful and popular beach is the perfect setting to relax and enjoy subtle waves and sun, after a long morning of exploring the nearby rainforest.
  • Flamenco Beach: Located in the island municipality of Culebra, this picture perfect, white sand and turquoise water beach is the epitome of what a beach should be.  Recognized as one of the best beaches of the Caribbean, it is truly a soothing experience.


From professional golf courses to any kind of water sport, in Puerto Rico you’ll be able to stay on top of your game.

  • Golf Courses: Golf has always been a popular pastime on the island, and over the years professional players have designed courses fit for professionals. Enjoy a round in one of many ocean side courses for a truly memorable and exotic golf experience.
  • Wind and Kite Surfing: Right here in San Juan, some of the best beaches for wind and kite surfing, for pros and first timers alike, can be found. Be sure to inquire about these relatively new and exciting water sports, as you will surely see the sails and kites in the horizon while walking our city beaches.
  • Deep Sea Fishing: You are only blocks from San Juan’s main nautical club, where experienced captains head out daily to the Atlantic and practice this elite sport. Mostly on a catch and release basis, you may find yourself with a Marlin on your hook. Or if you catch a Snapper, the captain just might grill it for you on the boat.

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